Gary Eddey in medical school with Linnie Golightly, who continues to remain a great friend.

Gary E. Eddey is an American writer and physician. He is the author of the historical novel, The Weather House (2012 – paperback in print and distributed by Ingram) and his written and lectured about disability culture, ethics, Lesch–Nyhan disease and a variety of historical non-fiction topics. His non-fiction articles include work as a columnist for the Greenpoint Brooklyn Gazette and a recently published article in the Fall 2019 edition of Sea History, the journal of the National Maritime Historical Society.

His historical novels, The Weather House and it’s sequel Annie Rose, take place in 1916 and 1917. Annie Rose is scheduled for publication in 2020. A novel set in 2018,  Addie’s Promise, and a fourth contemporary novel, The Last Backyard in Manhattan, are in different stages of completion.     

Professionally he has contributed to numerous publications on disability culture and cultural competence and is known best for his publication, Considering the Culture of Disability in Cultural Competence Education (2005) written with Ken Robey. His collected works in his novels and professional writings include reflection on, among other things, the impact of disability on human lives. Eddey has produced one short film on Lesch–Nyhan disease with his daughter, Emily Eddey Levy. Two of his children have careers in feature films and his grandson, Grayson Eddey, is a child actor with over 20 IMDB credits.

Eddey was born and raised in the NYC area and now resides in Manhattan.  He is the former VP of Medical Affairs at Matheny Hospital. More recently he was the Medical Director of the Woman and Children’s Center for Ryan Healthcare in NYC.

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