Critical Review

“The Weather House presents World War I intrigue and mystery. Set in a weather station on Block Island the novel is about a young disabled girl and her dreams of being able to “matter.” It is a fun story interwoven with local Block Island history, a best seller on Block Island!

– Recorder Newspapers, August 2012

Critical Review

“Gary Eddey has beautifully told the story of the love between two young sisters set on Block Island in 1916 just before the start of WWI. One finds him/herself cheering the girls on as they help each other uncover why three strange men have suddenly appeared on their island. A must read.”

– D S Guthrie

Set on Block Island, Rhode Island and New York City, this historical novel, a classic American Tale, is the story of how a United States weather official on Block Island and his family, uncover and prevent a series of potentially deadly attacks on the United States just prior to our entry into the Great European War. The novel takes place in October, 1916, one month before Woodrow Wilson wins re-election under the platform, “The United States will not enter the Great European War.”  NEXT

Locating places described in

The Weather House

1. Where Mystery Men Sighted
The Southwest beaches are more isolated than Sandy Point, and although they may be ideal for fishing, are not a very comforting place to be when three armed men appear out of nowhere. Did they arrive via a German U-Boat?
2. Eddey's Shanty
3. Where Girls Washed Ashore
Where the girls washed ashore is treacherous during any storm, but nearly impossible to survive in hurricanes.  How did the girls survive?  Sheer determination.
4. North Lighthouse
In 1916, in addition to the fishing camps, three structures relevant to the story are located on Sandy Point.  The march of the telephone and cable poles begins at the Weather Station’s battery shed located not too far from the lifesaving station.  The North Lighthouse and the seasonal shacks that make up the seasonal fishing camps are nearby.  They are all isolated, an ideal location for a murder.
5. The Weather House

The Weather House in the early part of the century was an integral part of the community. This story returns it to the forefront in a remarkable way.

Map designed and drawn by Phil Lohman, February 2014.

The trouble begins when three strangers arrive on Block Island just months before the United States enters World War I. A close-knit family working together at Block Island’s United States Weather Station doesn’t trust these strangers—for what turns out to be a very good reason. Even before the first murder occurs, the Weather House crew realizes they need reinforcements, but who can they trust? It becomes their burden to unlock these strangers’ true objectives, which, if carried out, will decidedly change the course of our nation’s history.  NEXT

Reader Reviews of The Weather House

After beginning the book, I could not read it fast enough. It was a great suspense novel and I looked forward to each chapter. It was interesting with the historical element and an emotional story as well with the sisters past and participation in the events…MORE> Edward Fingers

The Weather House is a terrific book- and for a first novel- WOW! I read a LOT and write well, but I don’t know if I could pull off dialog and the sense of place that GE Eddey has created. Stories uncovered during genealogy research formed the basis for this book… MORE> ReadsALot in CA

This is a fascinating, yet classic, American tale involving the culture of a small island community on Block Island, located off the coast of Rhode Island, and its involvement at the start of WWI. The Weather House tells of the efforts of one family to collaborate with…MORE> Maureen C. Mikan

Postcards and News Clippings from Block Island During WWI

With the family’s two sisters at the center of the action, The Weather House—equal parts international espionage, mystery, adventure, and historical—explores relationships and communication, motives, failure, hidden agendas and loss, and the purpose of life. Set at a time when death and loss are synonymous with an isolated island life, this debut novel reminds us that unrelenting determination is a formidable companion and is within reach for us all.  TOP

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